Moonshae Isles is Moving!!

Following all of yesterday’s exciting announcements regarding the D&D Adventurers League campaign changes, Baldman Games is pleased to announce that our next Moonshae campaign after Shadows Rising wraps will be part of the Masters campaign! What does this mean for you? More options to do more cool things!

We will complete the current historic campaign this year with the release of MOON20 and we’ve already got a lot of awesome things in the works for you!

For more info on the DDAL campaigns:

More info on the Moonshaes:

As part of the Premiere Organizer Program for Dungeons & Dragons, Baldman Games is excited to be able to bring you some really cool content within the Masters program. Stay tuned for more info!

Winter Fantasy 2021 DM Registration

Welcome to D&D in the cloud. We’re taking what you’ve all been doing around the table for years and bringing it to the world. You’ll have a chance to train your skills, make a name for yourself, and some cash along the way. You’ve worked hard raising your DM chops to this level and now it is time to reward yourself.

Winter Fantasy, in a normal world, is our cozy little show in Fort Wayne, IN in the cold and dark winter of the Midwest. Since the mid-70’s D&D royalty new and old have made the mecca to roll dice, meet friends new and old, and to play games with their gaming brethren. This year is no different – just less driving, more gaming, and you can wear shorts without frostbite (not that frostbite is a worry for The Baldman – he is part frost giant).

Interested in helping out? Are you are you a regular DM for us, DM a lot for your local scene and looking to step up, or perhaps just love D&D and want to give back a little? Fill out the form – help out at an awesome online show, help us support some great charities (including Jasper’s Game Day), and raise your DM chops to the Next Level <whoop whoop>. I think this is where my kids would roll their eyes and say “Dad . . you’re not funny . . stop it”

So I will. Click the link – do the things

Winter Fantasy 2021 Goes Virtual

It’s Friday everyone!!!! The weekend is ahead and hopefully you have some physical distanced interaction with friends planned.

With that some bad news. Most probably knew it was coming but it’s official now.

There will be no in-person Winter Fantasy in February next year. With us setting new infection rate records daily, winter coming, and no vaccination plan in sight we just cannot run WF the way WF needs to be run and keep everybody safe. If we ran the show and somebody got sick or even worse took it back to an older family member who got sick it would crush me.

Now the good news to counter that. We will of course 100% be having a virtual Winter Fantasy over those same dates. We have a ton of new premiere content lined up, all the awesome DM’s, and you can stay at home and pretend your at O’Reillys having a drink each night if you want. We’ll be taking all that we would normally be spending at the event on hotel rooms and convention space and instead donate it all to charity.

Make sure to leave Feb 4th to 7th blocked off on your calendars. There is still fun and shenanigan’s to be had.

Virtual D&D Weekends

Virtual D&D Weekends

Welcome true believers to Virtual D&D Weekends!!!! As the world continues to change, and how we game evolves, we are excited to partner with Wizards of the Coast to launch this new monthly D&D program.

Starting this November 13th to 15th, we will be organizing a huge weekend celebration of D&D games, friends, hanging out, and other exciting surprises that will then repeat each month into 2021 and beyond. The newest released seasonal content, epics, special events, and CCC content from the D&D Adventurers League (AL) as well as non-AL content and even older editions of D&D games will be available as the program ramps up and expands. All available from the comfort of your own home, no mask required (but please wear one when stocking up on snacks to prepare for the weekend).

What more info? Do the clicking thing here!!!

Gen Con Online 2020 DM Registration is Live

So are you planning on attending Gen Con this summer to enjoy the  ‘The Best Four Days in Gaming’? Did the shutdown of the physical show really bum you out?  Well we are alive!!!!  We are looking to run as many, if not more tables of games online then we would have done in person. Bigger, better, and 21% more fun is the goal.

Why should you help out? Well besides playing D&D is awesome, becoming part of our Herald’s Guild DM community (greatest bunch of evil dice rollers anywhere), and just having a blast in general? How about  it benefits charity? Part of our ticket price will be going to the Gen Con Charity. On top of that Baldman Games is donating another chunk to Black Lives Matter charities (we are still working out which ones but NAACP is high on the list). My goal is to see if we can power past $15,000 at the show beyond what Gen Con is doing already. On top of on top of that – we will also be partnering with Jasper’s Gameday to work on re-rolls and such things to see if we can raise another $5-10K on top of that. That is potentially $30-40K going to some awesome causes all while rolling some dice and having fun. 

Interested?  Click the link – fill out the form – we will be in touch quickly – and let the fun times begin!!!!

Gen Con 2018 DM Sign-up are LIVE!!!!!

Gen Con 2018

So are you planning on attending Gen Con this summer to enjoy the  ‘The Best Four Days in Gaming’? What should you do while there?  Why enjoy the worlds greatest roleplaying game that started it all of course.  The Herald’s Guild is going to Gen Con this summer to help run D&D games as part of our fundraising efforts. We will be helping Baldman Games with our awesome DM’s make D&D at the show as great as we can. Not only spreading the love of our hobby to a new generation, but running seminars on DM training and empowerment, and earning funds to continue to support our mission statement and other guild activities. Click the big shiny link below for more information.

Gen Con 2018 DM Sign-up