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About Us

Who is the Baldman? That mysterious son of a frost giant who wanders the shadows of your favorite shows.  His minions legendary and DM’s the best of the best . Why are some more bald than others? How do you become one or work for them? All these questions and more answered below (warning: by reading beyond this Baldman Games is not responsible for any sanity loss).

We’ve been running shows since 2001 starting with small regional shows in NE Ohio (All Americon & MVC) and grew quickly to adding Origins in 2004 and Winter Fantasy/DDXP & Gencon in 2005. Since then we’ve expanded to shows across the country and in 2020 virtual monthly shows.  We really hate having free time on our hands.

The Baldman – David Christ: The Boss. The one who gets the credit but mostly the blame. David joined the RPGA in 2000 to get the free magazine and was quickly roped into helping out with the Living Greyhawk campaign. From there he started running local shows for LG before being waylaid in an alley and conscripted to run the campaign for Wizards of the Coast in 2002. After a few years of warm fuzzies and kittens with LG he accepted a challenge in 2004 to better organize and run the RPGA presence at all the large shows WotC attended. The rest is history. I blackmailed some henchmen to have my back and never looked back. I suck at names so I’ll apologize in advance (though I’ll probably be able to recite your last ten show schedules as well as what shoes you were wearing for them).

The Righthand – Willi Burger: #2. My main man. The guy who gets things done when I’m not in three places at once. If he says it just pretend I’m there saying it. Rumor has it then when Frank Mentzer created the RPGA for Gary that everybody gathered round heard a pop noise and Willi popped right out of a stump much like the Lorax ready to go. He said he spoke for the gamers who lived in the basements and has been with us ever since.

The Lefthand – Konrad Brandemuhl: What Willi is during the hours of daylight Konrad is when the sun goes down. They are rarely seen together at the same time so the rumor persists that they are one and the same. Konrad keeps the ship on course on through the night until the clock strikes midnight (and he kicks all you gaming nuts out of the room so our DM’s can get some sleep).

Cat Wrangler First Class – Les Foster: The man in the hat with the clipboard and a plan. Les is the one that gets a thousand gamers to all pay attention, organized into tables, and sat down in 15 minutes every few hours. He is rumored to live in a magical cigar bar that travels the country always seeming to end up in towns where our shows are at.