BMG D&D Adventurers League Call to Action

Welcome adventurer. After our exciting announcement of all the cool things we have going on this summer it is now time to buckle down and bring some additional help onboard to help make that, and future awesome things <trademark pending> happen. You can help make that happen. We are looking for additional authors (yes we do pay), social media / community guru’s, and website code monkeys (if you can update WordPress and not make it look like Dave did it on 90 minutes of sleep after 3 days of late night baseball games in a row you have the needed skillset). As we said earlier we have lots of cool and exciting things planned and you might be the next superstar. I myself was sucked in by an announcement just like this one 17 years ago and now I am bald, married, and have two great kids. Really who could ask for more????

These positions require a couple hours a week (little more during busy season and almost none during slow times) and does come with a compensation package that we do our best to custom fit to each volunteer to make sure they feel appreciated and rewarded for the work they are doing. If you are still reading, and interested, then fill out the form below and see what happens.

If interested in more then one position please pick the one that interests you the most and list the others in the comments section (for example being a Community person and author is entirely possible).

Baldman Games Adventures League Volunteer Application

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