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Home Game in the Cloud DM Applications

Welcome to your new home game! If you’re not sure what Home Game in the Cloud even is, head here to read up first.

Alright, as a DM here’s what you need to know about the HGitC program:

  1. This is progam is DM-driven. We provide a ticketing system, advertising (via our Social Media presence and Discord servers), and, if you’re running BMG-exclusive content, the modules. It’s up to you to provide a reason for players to sign up for your games; that might be an existing fan-base, exciting content, your sparking personality, but whatever it is, you need need to be able to sell it to players.
  2. This is an extension of the VDDW program. This means that VDDW DMs get first dibs, but also that the games are restricted to being D&D-only, sorry. The other main restriction is that HGitC games cannot run during a VDDW – they can run the day before, or the day after, but not during.
  3. This also means you can run any content that would be available to run at a VDDW, including adventures that are still exclusive to BMG.
  4. The floor for ticket pricing is $25, with DMs getting a 75% cut, and tables capped at 5 or 6, your choice.
  5. Not everyone that applies will necessarily be accepted. What we motly want is games that have a high-chance of happening, so the best way to give your application a leg-up is to start pre-recruiting; applications that come with players attached have a much higher chance of being accepted. To that end, we do now have a dedicated forum channel for organizing groups, and be sure to include information about any pre-recruited players in your application.

DM Registration is OPEN to existing VDDW DMs at this time.