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One D&D Playtest @ Virtual D&D Weekends

Welcome to One D&D

What is This?

The Virtual D&D Weekends are a monthly event produced by us, Baldman Games, in partnership with Wizards of the Coast. As a partnered Premiere Organizer, we debut the latest D&D Adventurers League modules as well as hardcover adventures adapted for “public play”, classic adventures, author-run sessions, and more.

Now our partnership with Wizards is bringing a chance for you to playtest One D&D, the forthcoming evolution of Dungeons & Dragons!

Help Shape What’s Next for Dungeons & Dragons!

Every month we’ll be running designated One D&D playtest tables at the Virtual D&D Weekends! We’ve recruited some of our elite Dungeon Masters to help players explore the different aspects of this open playtest experience. And after you’re done playing, we’ll let you know when the surveys go live every month, so you can help to shape the future of the game!

How this Works

All of our playtest tables for the next few months will be running adventures from the Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel anthology book, and we’ll switch up which adventures we run from month to month.

You’ll be able to use any of the One D&D Unearthed Arcana playtest documents that are available from our friends at D&D Beyond at the time the game is running. Documents from previous months that are still available on the website are allowed but note that you’ll only be giving feedback on the newest playtest document each month. Also, any documents that have been removed/retired/replaced will not be available for play at our tables.

After participating, we invite you to join our Community Discord server. We’ll post an announcement there every month when the feedback survey goes live on D&D Beyond, so you never miss one!

The Details

Playtest tables will be clearly tagged with “One D&D Playtest” to distinguish them from our regular adventures. As for what character to bring, there will be two ways to participate:

Adventurers League
If you have an existing D&D Adventurers League character from the Forgotten Realms campaign that you wish to use, you may rebuild them using the One D&D sources as described above for use in playtest games and earn Adventurers League rewards as normal. You will need to revert your character to use standard Adventurers League rules/sources for play in non-playtest games.

New Characters
You may build a new character to use in the One D&D playtests. You may use any combination of current 5th edition rulebooks as sources for character options (as well as the One D&D sources described above), and you may build your character to the level listed in the adventure description, using the rules laid out in the Players Handbook/Basic Rules and the “Starting at Higher Level” rules from the Dungeon Master’s Guide (Chapter 1 > Creating a Campaign > Tiers of Play) for a “High Magic Campaign”. The only additional restrictions are that (a) rolling for Ability Scores is not allowed – you may use the standard array or the “Customizing Ability Scores” (a.k.a point-buy) method instead; (b) you may not roll for hit points – instead, use the fixed value (a.k.a. average) as listed for your class.

Alternatively, if you wish to use your character in our non-playtest games and have them earn Adventurers League rewards, you may build them using the rules laid out in the current D&D Adventurers League Players Guide, with the addition of being able to use the One D&D playtest material as described above. When participating in non-playtest games with this character, you must rebuild them to use only standard Adventurers League rules.

How Do I Play?

Ticketing for our games is handled through the Yawning Portal and dates for upcoming Virtual D&D Weekends are on our home page. Simply buy a ticket for a game tagged as “One D&D”, follow the link in your ticket confirmation email, and show up ready to play.