Summer Shows March Update

Origins 2016 Updates and Judge Registration

Origins is going to be an exciting show this year. We have a lot of exciting events for the show and will be announcing details on many of them in the coming weeks.

There is a lot of construction going on this year at the show but we will once again be located in the Regency Ballroom on the 3rd Floor of the Hyatt. We are expanding our offerings and table counts this year across the board to include more games and more premiere content than ever before! The highlight of our show is the return of the D&D Open in its brand new format! This event will start at 2pm on Saturday and run until 11pm that night (with a one hour dinner break). This is THE D&D event of the year. Superstar guest DM’s, prizes (for winners, losers, and just that unlucky person who opened the wrong door) abound. This event is limited to 180 participants so be ready when registration goes live!

We are also pleased to announce the premiere of Season 5 at the show!!! That’s right. If you want your first sneak peek, once again, Origins is the place to be.

DM sign-ups for the show will go live the afternoon of March 14th. With our expanded offerings we will need more volunteers than ever. Hotels rooms, badges, and swag await those willing to join us in the fun. All sign-ups will be through the Baldman Games website at


Gen Con 2016 Updates

Preparing for summer convention season never ends – especially when it comes to Gen Con and The Best Four Days in Gaming!  We solicited and received a lot of great feedback last year and have been working with Gen Con Event staff to address some of the concerns expressed.  One of the most common complaints was the noise level. We pursued several options, including the use of air-walls, moving to the center or edges of the room, but none of these sufficiently reduced noise level. The show has gotten so big, and so crowded, that it is no longer feasible for us to remain in the main hall any longer. We want to provide a great quality gaming experience and we do not believe it is possible for us to do that with a tabletop game in our old location.

We are happy to announce our relocation to the attached Hyatt hotel and the Regency Ballroom on the 2nd floor (immediately in front of you when cross over the sky-bridge into the hotel). The entire ballroom will be dedicated to D&D tabletop games. We will have a separate area for our D&D eXPerience program @ Gen Con as well as a main hall area for our normal 4-hour games.

Some, I am sure, will express concerns regarding our move. The change is not requested by Gen Con nor is it due to Wizards of the Coast changing their convention presence. Continuing to be in Hall D was an option if we wanted it. We requested Gen Con Events to present us with options on how we could reduce noise levels and general chaos around our play space. After carefully reviewing those options, this move was by far the best choice. Our desire to give you, the players, a quality gaming experience far outweighs the visibility brought to us by remaining in the main hall.

Gen Con and Baldman Games

News for Gen Con Volunteers

Badge registration and housing has opened for Gen Con 2016, along with all the chaos and disappointment of not getting a hotel within walking distance of the convention center. When that happens, Baldman Games always get an influx of inquiries about volunteering for BMG at Gen Con. Well, here are some details.

The call for volunteers will not go out for another a couple of months, as details and schedules are hammered out among Baldman Games, Gen Con, and other parties. However, below is some information to help you decide if you want to volunteer:

  • Baldman Games uses a specific schedule at Gen Con. Between Thursday morning and Sunday afternoon, Baldman Games divides the time in 14 four-hour slots. Thursday through Saturday, the days are divided into 4 slots: 8am – 12pm (noon), 12pm – 4pm, 4pm – 8pm, and 8pm – 12am (midnight). On Sunday, only the first two slots of the day occur: 8am – 12pm (noon), 12pm – 4pm.
  • If you volunteer to run games for Baldman Games in at least 4 slots, you get a free 4-day Badge ($90 value). If you have already purchased a badge, that’s OK. You will get a refund on your badge if you volunteer! As you can see, volunteering for 4 slots is less than 1/3rd of your time at Gen Con.
  • If you volunteer to run games for Baldman Games in at least 8 slots, you get a free 4-day Badge ($90 value) and a share of a hotel room. The hotel(s) housing BMG’s volunteer block are always within easy walking distance of the Convention Center. Rooms are shared with other BMG volunteers, and generally we put 3-5 people in a room. Volunteers at least have ½ of a double bed. If there are other BMG volunteers you wish to room with, those preferences are taken into account whenever possible.
  • When possible, other perks are provided for BMG volunteers. The perks are an extra and never promised, but we will announce those as we know more.

Origins News

Based on announcements from Wizards of the Coast, we are expecting Origins to be at least as busy as Gen Con this year. We will be reaching out for Origins volunteers AFTER asking for Gen Con volunteers, even though Origins takes place 2 months before. (Just the way scheduling works.)

The schedule for Origins is often different from Gen Con, so the perks for volunteering are different as well. As the Origins schedule is finalized, those perks and requirements will be announced.

Winter Fantasy Has Arrived!

Winter Fantasy begins on Wednesday, February 3rd. We are set for volunteers and registration is closed, but it is not too late to attend. Badges and tickets can be purchased onsite, and this convention is a great place to learn more about BMG offerings and talk to leaders in the gaming industry in a more intimate environment. Wizards of the Coast staffers Mike Mearls and Chris Lindsay will be on hand to talk about topics like the DMs Guild and run games. Adventurers League staff will be attending as well to run games and answer campaign questions.

Winter Fantasy and Pathfinder Society – So Happy Together!

Pathfinder Returns to Winter Fantasy!

Card Games and Pathfinder Society Galore

Winter Fantasy is your one-stop shop for winter gaming, and we’re proud to announce that Pathfinder games are back again in 2016!

With adventures for the beloved Pathfinder Society, as well as the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Paizo fans will find a little bit of everything at the show! We’ll have more details on exactly what adventures are available soon. We’ll also see the launch of the Season of the Runelords campaign. Play scenarios as standalone games or join in the Adventure Card Guild Organized Play campaign.

In addition to running these events, we’re working to line up some special guests for Paizo fans as well. More details will be announced soon!

Judge Signups go Live on Friday!

December 11th – Grab your spot early!

You know you love it: the thrill of holding all the secrets. Knowing what the dice will reveal. The sinister voices. Sharing in the thrill of victory with the players at your table. There’s nothing like being a game master.

The only thing that would be better? Earning a free badge and other goodies. Icing on the cake of being a GM – and we’d like to give you that delicious, delicious icing (we also should have eaten before typing this…).

Would you like to be a Game Master at Winter Fantasy? Keep an eye on our Twitter feed (@baldmangames), or the Winter Fantasy Facebook page. We’ll be announcing judge registration sometime on Friday – and first come, first served!

Calling All Authors!

Love GMing? We want to hear about it!

The Herald’s Guild of Dungeon Masters is starting to churn its engines again, and we’re looking for volunteers to help us stoke the fires.

As we rush toward Winter Fantasy and 2016, we want to start producing regular content for our members. Some of that content, like our seminars, will come from us; however, we’re just a tiny portion of the many knowledgeable and experienced DMs that make up the community.

So, we’re looking to you, our community, to write articles for the website. We’re accepting submissions for articles about convention and organized play Dungeon Mastering experiences. Of particular interest are:

  • Tips and tricks for the convention DM
  • Cool maps and other tools of the trade (pictures preferred!)
  • Horror stories that turned out for the best, or advice for a future Dungeon Master
  • How to handle cases where the realities of running a table sometimes bump against the rules of Organized Play

We’d like to offer our Dungeon Masters the opportunity to express themselves with a quick article on the Herald’s Guild website. We’re not looking for long or multi-part articles at this time, but if you have an idea you’d like to propose, please send your idea to

We look forward to hearing from you!

Winter Fantasy 2016 – Winter (Fantasy) is Coming!

With leaves falling off trees and everyone’s belly full of turkey, you don’t need us to tell you that winter is just around the corner. All is not lost, however, as with winter comes Winter Fantasy! This year’s show runs from February 3-7, 2016 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Registration opens in mid-December, so keep an eye on your inbox for your opportunity to be first in line to register!

Dungeons and Dragons at Winter Fantasy

Winter Fantasy continues to grow and offer more games, and we’re proud to be the best place to play Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League content.
We will be hosting adventures in the entire 2nd half of Season 3: Rage of Demons. That’s everything from adventure DDEX3-8 to DDEX3-16 – including three world premiers:

  • 3-14: Death on the Wall 
  • 3-15: Szith Morcane Unbound
  • 3-16: Assault on Maerimydra

Winter Fantasy is your chance to catch up on all the content before the season wraps up on March 15th.

Of course, we’ll also be there to scratch that Epic itch – with the premiere of the Epic adventure opening to Season 4. We can’t tell you what’s in store yet – but you can be among the very first to experience this exciting new campaign at our show in February!

The Dungeons and Dragons eXPerience

We gather much feedback on the VIP Program after GenCon, and Baldman Games has decided to change the program a bit.  We are retiring the VIP Program, and will be offering a new, similar experience we are calling “The D&D eXPerience.”

The D&D eXPerience is something new. Members of the D&D Experience will have their own members-only HQ for quick access to staff for questions, pre-printed paperwork (like character sheets and adventure logs), and more.

At Winter Fantasy we’ll also keep a selection of local restaurant menus on-hand, and will be assisting members with ordering food and arranging for simplified order delivery. While the system is still being planned, we’re hoping to make it as easy as writing up your order, delivering it with your payment to HQ, and letting them know what table you’re at. We will then place your order, receive it, and deliver it to your table for you – saving you valuable die-rolling time.

Of course, what DDXP members really want is a unique eXPerience. To that end we’ll be running semi-exclusive adventures, GMed by the D&D Adventure League admins. Only the admins can run these adventures, and at Winter Fantasy, they’ll only be running them for D&D eXPerience members!

Announcing the Baldman Games Fave Four

I want to thank all of those who applied for our open positions we posted in October. We had a lot of great applicants to go through but after careful thought and consideration we have made our choices.

Social Media Manager:    Dustin Snyder

Herald’s Guild DM Manager:  Krishna Simonse

Herald’s Guild HQ Manager:  Willi Burger

Future Programs Manager:  Shawn Merwin

We have lots of exciting things planned for 2016 and we hope to start unveiling them at Winter Fantasy in February. So stay tuned, stay excited, and join us for a fun ride.

Positions available at Baldman Games

Hail and well met,

Baldman Games, those purveyors of fine gaming though-out the lands (or maybe just the Midwest), are looking for some help on various projects this fall within our realm. If you are a warrior of the highest order and think you might qualify for one of these positions then please fill out the application below. When applying please pick only one job. I want you to apply for what you think you best fit not scattershot across the board. We hope to make our decisions in October and put you to work shortly after that. If you have any questions please use the ‘Contact Us’ form on the BMG website and we will get back to you shortly.

Dave C
Baldman Games

HG = Herald’s Guild
BMG = Baldman Games



Social Media Manager:

  • Manage BMG/HG Social Media Accounts (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Manage Weekly BMG/HQ Website Updates
    o Included writing of some Updates and editing of all of them
  • Social Media Presence at shows (updates, contests, questions, etc.)
Expected Weekly Workload: 2-3 hours
Skills needed:
  • Familiar with social media tools
  • Ability to attend most, if not all, BMG Events (Currently WF, Origins, and Gen Con)
  • Ability to schedule Website Updates and keep to that schedule (including managing contributors)
  • Communication Zen Master
Compensation: TBD (we have a basic package built around the value of a free hotel room just for you at a show but will tweak for your needs – this could include airfare, cash, etc.)


Herald’s Guild DM Manager:

  • HG DM Team Lead (Level 7)
    o HG DM consists of DM’s and staff focused on running games at tables
  • Supervising of HG DM Level 5 and 6 members
  • Manage once a month (minimum) HG DM Team Meetings
  • Review and approval of HG DM Materials (seminars, code of conduct, etc.)
  • Coordinate with HG HQ Manager as needed
Expected Weekly Workload: 2-3 hours
Skills needed:
  • Current Level 4 or higher Herald’s Guild DM
  • Ability to attend most, if not all, BMG Events (Currently WF, Origins, and Gen Con)
  • Ability to manage others in a timely fashion and lead by example
  • Communication Zen Master

Compensation: TBD (we have a basic package built around the value of a free hotel room just for you at a show but will tweak for your needs – this could include airfare, cash, etc.)


Herald’s Guild HQ Manager:

  • HG HQ Team Lead (Level 7)
    o HG HQ consists of HQ and Convention Staff focused on running of the actual event itself.
  • Supervising of HG HQ Level 5 and 6 members
  • Manage once a month (minimum) HG HQ Team Meetings
  • Review and approval of HG HQ Materials (training, code of conduct, etc.)
  • Coordinate with HG DM Manager as needed

Expected Weekly Workload: 2-3 hours

Skills needed:

  • Current Level 4 or higher Herald’s Guild HQ
  • Ability to attend most, if not all, BMG Events (Currently WF, Origins, and Gen Con)
  • Ability to manage others in a timely fashion and lead by example
  • Communication Zen Master

Compensation: TBD (we have a basic package built around the value of a free hotel room just for you at a show but will tweak for your needs – this could include airfare, cash, etc.)


Future Programs Manager:

  • Manage the game plan for cool things going forward
  • Review and revamp existing programs as needed
  • Cool Secret Stuff!!!!

Expected Weekly Workload: 2-3 hours to start (could ramp up to 8-10 hours a week at times in future – compensation will match workload).

Skills needed:

  • Familiar with the inner-workings of Organized Play systems
  • Ability to attend most, if not all, BMG Events (Currently WF, Origins, and Gen Con)
  • Ability to create and manage Projects
  • Familiarity with publishing standards a plus

Compensation: TBD (we have a basic package built around the value of a free hotel room just for you at a show but will tweak for your needs – this could include airfare, cash, etc.)

Applications are closed and the positions have been filled. Thanks.

Gen Con 2015 All Access Update

Gen Con 2015 All Access Update

I first want to thank everyone for the excellent feedback so far. We are gathering comments and discussing ways to improve all Baldman Games’ offerings going forward. We will have further posts this Fall asking for more specific feedback.

Baldman Games and Wizards of the Coast realize that we did not meet your expectations with our All-Access Program at Gen Con this year. The way production schedules lined up, it was difficult for us to provide the new products that had been offered in previous years. But have no fear! We want to make things right. We value your support of D&D and our programs at Gen Con and other shows. To that end, we have some stuff to offer to everyone who played in the All-Access program at Gen Con 2015.

Here’s what All Access Players will get:

  • One hard copy of Out of the Abyss, the TRPG adventure in the Rage of Demons story, before it hits store shelves, mailed directly to you
  • One code for a digital copy of Sword Coast Legends, the party-based RPG coming out on PC, Mac and Linux, on September 29th, sent to the email you provide.

If you are an All-Access player from Gen Con, please make sure to fill in the form below completely. The information provided will only be used to ship the book to you, send the code, and/or contact you if we have a problem doing so. It will be destroyed once shipping is completed.

Once again, we apologize for not meeting the expectations of the program this year, and we will work hard in the coming months to build a bigger, stronger, and more transparent program in 2016 and beyond.

David Christ
Baldman Games

UPDATE (08/07/2015): This offer is valid through August 24th at Midnight EST. Please spread the word. Thanks

This promotion is now closed. Thank you

Gen Con 2015 All Access Program

This year at Gen Con we made some changes to the wildly popular All-Access program that we debuted at the show in 2013. Our goal was to bring it back to a more sustainable long term level while still providing a great value and experience to our players. From the feedback received by myself onsite, and on the message boards over the past few days, we missed that mark with some of you and for that I apologize.

Our goal was to provide a premium gaming experience and while I firmly believe we hit that on some marks, we obviously missed on others. We tried some new things that went over well for some and were viewed as worthless by others. Some valued their great DM’s highly and did not care about additional items while others rated them lower and wanted more ‘stuff’. Others ranked a separated play space with a barrier as the things they valued most and for many the noise of the hall was just too much for any amount of additional perks to overcome. At no point did we intend to deceive, trick, or pull a switch-a-roo. Every year the program has provided different things and the attendees have each valued them in their own fashion. Things change each year on what we can and cannot provide. Many want to know why we could not do this or that, or why something changed. At the end of the day those details do not matter. BMG thought we had a pretty good line-up this year within the framework we had to work in but once again we obviously need to relook at the program from the ground up.

Part of the program has always been the mystery of what you are getting. So players are putting their blind trust that the program is going to be worth it to them. Each year the items were better and better and that is just not a sustainable program. With that in mind I’ve spent most of the past two days brainstorming ways to make it better across the board for all those who choose to put their trust in the program. The one thing that is happened for sure right out of the gate is the mystery part is gone (for any type of event I run going forward). It is not worth it. Each person values their time and resources in their own fashion and should be able to make a 100% informed decision about what they spend their convention time and dollars on. The program will have its own website linked from the event description with all the details on it. Due to the fact I cannot contact those that buy tickets, the website will also contain a mailing list, to allow updates to go to all members if anything were to change. I want to be transparent and communicate as well as we can about exactly what the program is and the player it is aimed at.

Some other ideas we have been kicking around and want your feedback on are:

  • A completely separate room away from our play area for the program (players would move back into main hall for Epic event). Could be in the ICC or attached hotel.
  • More of a concierge type service when checking in (small goodie bag, checking name off list, badge ribbon, name plate to claim your spot at a table, etc.)
  • A custom adventure track for the show (written especially for the program by a handpicked elite author for participants of the program only).
  • Snacks (maybe Pizza Day Saturday even) and water station.
  • Special Guests (maybe have Mearls or Crawford visit and hangout at each table for a while).
  • ?????

We have a lot of other cool ideas from our post show meetings but we also want to hear from you. I have received a lot of feedback already but I want to create a central place for those who want to provide it to do so. The form below drops directly into my inbox. I will be reading all the responses and going over them with my team over the next few weeks to formulate a plan that will hopefully bring this program back to where we want it to be.

David Christ

Baldman Games

Gen Con Registration Live!!!!

So you are planning on attending Gen Con this summer to enjoy ‘The Best Four Days in Gaming’. What should you do while there?  Why enjoy the worlds greatest roleplaying game that started it all of course.

Baldman Games is bringing back an even bigger event schedule then we had for our record breaking year last year. Ten different D&D Adventures League events, the premiere of Season three, two epic level events (Season Two and Season Three), and the first High Tier (11-16) two-round event.

Want to help out at the show ? Awesome. Click here for more information.