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The Red Carpet Treatment

Now moving into our fourth year of Virtual D&D Weekends, we continue to evolve and adapt to meet the demands of you, our community of players and DMs. To that end, we’re updating the pricing for our Red Carpet program for 2024!

But first, you may ask, what is our Red Carpet Program?

Well, a question we often receive is “I’d love to play this trilogy, or these hardcover chapters at these times, on this system, and that DM and I just cannot make it line up for our group!” Well, the Red Carpet is our solution!

This program is aimed at complete groups (5 players) looking for specific games, at specific times, and perhaps even with a specific DM. This is not for single players trying to make the perfect schedule (sorry, we’re all out of 9th-level spell slots to cast Wish with).

All you need to get started is book your Red Carpet, to hold your place in our queue: Red Carpet Booking

The Details:

  • Red Carpet Experiences are always booked as full tables. You can bring fewer players if you want, but must still pay for a full table.
  • One person pays for the ENTIRE group. You sort out the money between you and your friends.
  • Red Carpets must be booked for at least 2 sessions and may be booked for up to 6 sessions.   
  • First, you’ll need to buy a ticket to book your Red Carpet. The $30 price of this ticket is your Booking Fee. It puts you in the system and holds your place.
  • Once you’ve paid your Booking Fee, you’ll receive a link to a details form. You must fill out the form before we can move forward with your booking. 
  • Once we have received your form, we’ll attempt to book your DM. If you request a specific DM, that means reaching out to the DM of your choice and confirming their availability; if you don’t have a specific DM in-mind, that means we’ll check our pool of vetted, qualified, and available DMs and choose one.
  • Once we have booked a DM for you, we will send you a link to purchase your Game Ticket (pricing details below).
  • The Booking Fee is non-refundable unless we are unable to book a DM, in which case we will automatically issue a refund.


  • The $30 Booking Fee goes to cover the extra admin costs and of this program.
  • If you cancel your booking or otherwise fail to complete the purchase of your Game Ticket after a DM is booked, the Booking Fee will instead will be paid to the booked DM.
  • The Game Ticket covers the normal game costs, including the the DM’s pay. 
  • Pricing for the Game Ticket is based on standard Virtual Weekend ticket prices:
         Standard ticket price ($20/$25) x # of adventures x # of players in a full table.
         eg. For a 3 session Red Carpet Experience of standard 4-hour adventures: $20 x 3 sessions x 5 players = $300 Game Ticket 
  • If you pick a DM who charges premium rates, your Game Ticket pricing will reflect that DM’s premium rates. 
  • If we pick the DM, you will not be billed for premium rates, regardless of who the DM is. 
  • Game Tickets are non-refundable. If a player drops out or if you cannot make it, it is your responsibility to find replacement players. The DM is blocking off their time for you. Please respect that.

Book your Red Carpet Experience now!

January Red Carpet applications are open until January 26th at 11:59 PM EST (UTC-5)

A Selection of Available Adventure Selections

  • DragonlanceVault of the Undying
  • Dreams of the Red Wizards – Original trilogy, Storm King’s Descent, Terminal Ambitions, Red Seeds (intros), Obsure Devotions
  • Journeys through the Radiant Citadel
  • Keys to the Golden Vault
  • Moonshae IslesRising Shadows, Seasons of Change, Melfic Delusions
  • Ravenloft – Mist Hunters, Rails in the Mists
  • Spelljammer Academy – all 4 parts, (run as 2 four-hour games)
  • Spelljammer: Light of Xaryxis (Episodes 1 through 6)

You can also request any other D&D aventure you like, but DMs availablity to run content outside the selection above may vary.
We also do offer Epics/Specials, so long as they have a single-table option, or are scheduled to coincide with our regular runs of them.

  • Friday – April 12th
  • Saturday – April 13th
  • Sunday – April 14th