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Winter Fantasy 2023 DM Registration

Winter Fantasy, in a normal world, is our cozy little show in Fort Wayne, IN in the cold and dark winter of the Midwest. Since the mid-70’s D&D royalty new and old have made the mecca to roll dice, meet friends new and old, and to play games with their gaming brethren. While we are all still working on what our new normal is going to be Winter Fantasy is back in-person while also continuing our online gaming goodness – so just less driving, more gaming, and you can wear shorts without frostbite (not that frostbite is a worry for The Baldman – he is part frost giant).

Welcome back!! We’ll go over some basic terminology and then get right to the gathering of information.

  • Slot:  This is a numerical unit of time, or block, the event is built around. For example Slot One is Wednesday 6pm-10pm (EST). Slot Seven is Friday 7pm-11pm (EST). Using these blocks lets us align our schedule to make it easier for players to play in multiple events without things overlapping and conflicting.
  • Marshalling:  This is the actual day/time of organizing of DM’s and players. This happens for DM’s on our DM Event Discord Server (you will get a link with your schedule once accepted) for online games and in person with our awesome Marshalling staff in-person. While you are organizing there others are getting your players in the right places on the player server and on the event floor. It’s very important you check-in at the proper place and time as I cannot see if you are there and ready if you don’t let me know.
  • Time Zones: All times listed here, the website, Discord, smoke signals, messages from your future self, the numbers from Lost, and what your cat told you are all in Eastern Standard Time (GMT -4). Always and always.

Wednesday (Feb 1st)Thursday (Feb 2nd)Friday (Feb 3rd)Saturday (Feb 4th)Sunday (Feb 5th)
Slot 2: 9am-1pmSlot 5: 9am-1pm Slot 8: 9am-1pmSlot 11: 8am-Noon
Slot 3: 2pm-6pmSlot 6: 2pm – 6pmSlot 9: 2pm – 6pmSlot 12: Noon – 4pm
Slot 1: 6pm-10pmSlot 4: 7pm-11pmSlot 7: 7pm – 11pmSlot 10: 8pm – Mid

Please make sure you have read the following two documents and ask any questions you may have before filling out this application. By submitting it you are agreeing to follow the rules and guidelines contained within them.

Baldman Games DM Requirements

Herald’s Guild Member Conduct Document

DM Benefits:

Paid: Instead of taking the benefits offered below you want paid as a 1099 contractor for the show. All online DM’s will be defaulted to this – In-person will be allowed to choose.

The rates for Winter Fantasy are the following (for in-person and online):

Normal Half Slot Event: $4 per paid person in a seat
Normal Single Slot Event: $8 per paid person in a seat
DDXP Event: $10 per paid person in a seat per slot

Badge Level (4+ Slots): You will receive a complimentary badge to the show. This badge will include access to all the things and unlimited use of the Boardgame Library during the show. You’ll also receive a cool t-shirt or hoodie, and some other cool onsite things that we’ll keep to ourselves for now.

Room Level (8+ Slots): You’ll get everything at the badge level plus a spot in our DM Rooming block for 4 nights (Wed to Sat nights) in the Hampton right across the street (which also includes free breakfast unless they shut it down again). Our Goal this year is 2 DM’s per room with 3 being the max. We’re slowly getting there peeps.

All DM’s who do 2 or more slots will also receive the following as thank you gifts.

Campaign Case: Terrain
Campaign Case: Creatures
Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen (normal)
Pinny Arcade Pinny Pin – Lord Soth

Events running at Winter Fantasy:

Dreams of the Red Wizards (New Story Arc) – 3 New + Epic (T2)

Moonshae Isles (New Story Arc) – 7 New + Epic (T2)

Dragonlance (New Story Arc) – Intro and Kickoff Epic (T1)

Your choice? What would you like to run at the show?

DM Registration is OPEN for in-person Winter Fantasy 2023

    Your Name (required):

    HG #:

    Your HG # is in your show ratings emails that you receive. If you do not have one we will assign one when your schedule is processed (just put 'NEW" in this field to continue).

    Your Email (required):

    All correspondence will go to this email. Please make sure it is correct.

    Phone #:

    Benefit Level Desired (required):

    Do you want your DM Fees to be paid to you for the show (Must have 1099 on file) or roll them into your benefits?)

    Do you want your DM Fees to be paid to you for the show (Must have 1099 on file) or roll them into your benefits?)

    What slots do you want to work?

    Slot 1 - Wed 6pm - 10pm

    Slot 2 - Thur 9am - 1pm
    Slot 3 - Thur 2pm - 6pm
    Slot 4 - Thur 7pm - 11pm

    Slot 5 - Fri 9am - 1pm
    Slot 6 - Fri 2pm - 6pm
    Slot 7 - Fri 7pm - 11pm

    Slot 8 - Sat 9am - 1pm
    Slot 9 - Sat 2pm - 6pm
    Slot 10 - Sat 8pm - Mid

    Slot 11 - Sun 8am - Noon
    Slot 12 - Sun Noon-4pm

    What events do you want to run?

    Dreams of the Red Wizards (New Arc)
    Moonshaes (New Arc)
    Dragonlance (New Arc)

    The D&D eXPerience - One of the previous 3 things I've checked

    My Own Thing - List in Notes

    HQ / Worker Bee

    T-Shirt Size (required):

    Anything Else? (preferred roommate, special needs, etc.)

    By submitting this registration form you agree to have your personal information stored in the Baldman Games / Herald's Guild systems, that you are 18 years of age or older, consent to potentially have a background check run, and have read and accepted our Code of Conduct. (required) Yes

    By clicking accept you agree to follow all rules of the show and Baldman Games in regards to safety due to Covid-19. You are vaccinated or plan on being vaccinated by the time the show starts. (required) Accept