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Winter Fantasy 2021 DM Registration

Welcome to D&D in the cloud. We’re taking what you’ve all been doing around the table for years and bringing it to the world. You’ll have a chance to train your skills, make a name for yourself, and some cash along the way. You’ve worked hard raising your DM chops to this level and now it is time to reward yourself.

Winter Fantasy, in a normal world, is our cozy little show in Fort Wayne, IN in the cold and dark winter of the Midwest. Since the mid-70’s D&D royalty new and old have made the mecca to roll dice, meet friends new and old, and to play games with their gaming brethren. This year is no different – just less driving, more gaming, and you can wear shorts without frostbite (not that frostbite is a worry for The Baldman – he is part frost giant).

Interested in helping out? Are you are you a regular DM for us, DM a lot for your local scene and looking to step up, or perhaps just love D&D and want to give back a little? Fill out the form – help out at an awesome online show, help us support some great charities (including Jasper’s Game Day), and raise your DM chops to the Next Level <whoop whoop>. I think this is where my kids would roll their eyes and say “Dad . . you’re not funny . . stop it”

So I will. Click the link – do the things