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C2E2 2024

Welcome to D&D in the windy city! We’re happy to help DMs and players from around the world have a fun weekend playing games with friends. This show is coming up VERY SOON!!! (April 26th to 28th) so things are going to move QUICKLY!!!

What does C2E2 stand for? (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo)

We’ll go over some basic terminology and then get right to the gathering of information.

  • Slot:  This is a numerical unit of time, or block, the event is built around. For example Slot 2 is Friday from 2pm-7pm (EDT). Slot 7 is Sunday from 10am-2pm. Using these blocks lets us align our schedule to make it easier for players to play in multiple events without things overlapping and conflicting.

For the C2E2 – we will be following the below schedule (all times Eastern Daylight Time):

Friday (Apr 26th)Saturday (Apr 27th)Sunday (Apr 28th)
Slot 1: 10am – 2pmSlot 4: 10am – 2pmSlot 7: 10am – 2pm
Slot 2: 2pm – 6pmSlot 5: 2pm – 6pmSlot 8: 2pm – 6pm
Slot 3: 6pm – 10pmSlot 6: 6pm – 10pm

Please make sure you have read the following document and ask any questions you may have before filling out this application. By submitting it you are agreeing to follow the rules and guidelines contained within them.

Herald’s Guild Member Conduct Document

Events running at C2E2 2024:

D&D Demo (20 – 30 mins) A trimmed down experience for brand new characters. You’ll take groups on a rolling basis as they get sent to your table. This is with the WizKids ships and minis. All the fancy.

Introduction to D&D (1.5 – 2-hour game) – Peril in Pinebrook. You’ll run this twice in a 4-hour slot. 1st and 2nd-level characters.

[NEW!!!] BMG-INT-01 and -02 (1.5 – 2-hour game) – You’ll run the same adventure twice in a 4-hour slot. 1st through 4th-level characters.


In exchange for 3 slots of work, you will receive a full C2E2 badge to enjoy in your free time. We don’t have extra hotel space for this show; we’re looking for locals.

DM Registration is CLOSED – Have at it. Thanks

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