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Dragon Marks – FAQ

What Are Dragon Marks?

You might have heard us use this term, or heard another Baldman Games player talk about Dragon Marks, but what exactly are they??

Essentially, Dragon Marks are our frequent flyer miles. Our reward system which ensures that folks who continually show up to play get access to cool things. We like you, and you like to play with us, so we want to make sure we reward you for showing up!

How Does It Work?

Every ticketed game a player plays with us (starting at the July Virtual Weekend) gets them one Dragon Mark, with only a single exception (we’ll get to that below). Virtual Events and In-Person events earn Dragon Marks just the same. At the end of your game your Dungeon Master will give you a unique code you can redeem for a single Dragon Mark

So, I Had to Buy the Ticket?

It doesn’t matter how you got a ticket (won in a contest, given by someone else, purchased, traded, whatever), but you do need to show up and play.

How Do I Redeem the Code I Was Given for a Dragon Mark?

That will depend on if it’s a virtual event, or an in-person one.
For virtual events, you can simply use the command “/claimdragonmark” followed by your unique code, in the event Discord server. You’ll recieve a confirmation message after it has been registered.
For in-person events, there will be a diferent method to-be-announced.

What If I Forgot to Redeem My Codes for Dragon Marks?

Each event will have a deadline listed on the claim form. Everyone has to claim by this deadline or any Dragon Marks are forfeited.

How Can I Check My Dragon Mark Balance?

More to come on this, but we’ve been working on a self-serve method for players to keep track of their earned Dragon Marks.

How Do I Use Dragon Marks?

Dragon Marks have 2 uses:

  1. At the end of the year, everyone who has earned a certain number of Dragon Marks will get the opportunity to buy a single piece of exclusive, limited-edition merch.
    • This year that item will be a shirt. We only do one run of the shirts, and then they’re gone. The only other way to get access to purchase this shirt is to be a DM who has DM’d enough games for us.
  2. A few times a year, we’ll have opportunities for players to spend Dragon Marks to gain access to buy tickets for exclusive opportunities, such as sneak-preview games, games with celebrity DMs, etc.
    • Spending Dragon Marks in this way does reduce the player’s Dragon Mark balance (i.e. the ability to spend them), but does not affect their total earned (i.e. the ability to access the year-end merch).
    • Any games you unlocked with Dragon Marks in this manner do not themselves earn Dragon Marks.

Do Dragon Marks Expire?

Nope, once you’ve earned them you can stockpile to your heart’s content, but once an opportunity to buy something comes around, it will disappear quickly!

However – each calendar year (Jan 1 to Dec 31) we will reset the earned counter for all players and DMs for the end-of-the year merch unlock (option 1 above).