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Moonshae Isles: Castle of Skulls

An Actual-Play Streaming Series

Airing Bi-Weekly on Tuesdays at 9pm EST on Twitch Starting November 22nd

Join Two-time ENNIE Gold winner DM Paul Gabat as he guides an all-star team of adventurers through this exclusive limited series, set in the Moonshae Isles, after the conclusion of the Moonshae Isles: Rising Shadows storyline (don’t worry, we promise no spoilers!)

This exciting story is canon to both the previous Baldman Games Rising Shadows storyline, as well as the upcoming Moonshae Isles: Malefic Delusions storyline, set to launch at Winter Fantasy 2023!

We searched the Realms far a wide to bring you an incredible cast:

Graham Ward (@DarkplaneDM)

Gwendolyn Marshall (@Gwen_h_marshall)

Jess Pendley (@JessPendley)

Kris Gideon (@kissofhemlock)

Todd “Doc” Shreve (@VGsentences)

Paul Gabat (@DMPaulG)