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Virtual D&D Weekend DM Applications

As we head into our FOURTH year of doing this, we’re working hard to keep things fresh and improve on all fronts; we’ve got exciting new changes on the horizon!

If you ended up at this page without getting any of the details pause and read up first, we’ll still be waiting here when you return.

Welcome back!! We’ll go over some basic terminology and then get right to the gathering of information.

  • Slot:  This is a numerical unit of time, or block, the event is built around. For example Slot One is Friday 2pm-7pm (EDT). Slot Nine is Sunday 2pm-7pm (EDT). Using these blocks it lets us align our schedule to make it easier for players to play in multiple events without things overlapping and conflicting.
  • Marshalling:  This is the actual day/time of organizing of DM’s and players. This happens for DM’s on our DM Event Discord Server (you will get a link with your schedule once accepted). While you are organizing there others are getting your players in the right places on the player server. It’s very important you check-in at the proper place and time as I cannot see if you are there and ready if you don’t let me know.

We will be following the below schedule (All times Eastern STANDARD Time <GMT -5>):
PLEASE NOTE: SOME SLOTS HAVE CHANGED, please review the table carefully

Friday (December 15th )Saturday (December 16th)Sunday (December 17th)
Early Morning (4am -9am)Slot 4
Morning (9am-2pm)Slot 5Slot 8
Afternoon (2pm-7pm)Slot 1Slot 6Slot 9
Evening (7pm-11pm) Slot 2Slot 7Slot 10
Late Night (12am-4:30am)Slot 3

Please make sure you have read the following documentand ask any questions you may have before filling out this application. By submitting it you are agreeing to follow the rules and guidelines contained within.

Herald’s Guild Member Conduct Document

Events running at the December 2023 event:

Dragonlance – Vault of the Undying (DL-VOTU)

Keys from the Golden Vault

Dreams of the Red Wizards – Obscure Devotions (DRW-OD)

Moonshae Isles – Malefic Delusions (MOON-MD)

Seasonal – Holiday-themed DDAL adventures

Epic – Planescape: Power in Pieces

DM Registration is OPEN to ALL existing Herald’s Guild DMs (with priority given to current VDDW DMs) for the this event.