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The Red Carpet has Arrived

Welcome gamers to the Beta of our Virtual D&D Concierge Service!!!! I know – I love exclamation points.

As our weekends continue to grow quickly we are always looking for new ways to connect our invested returning players with their favorite games and DM’s. A question we often receive is “I’d love to play this adventure or trilogy, at these times, on this system, and that DM and I just cannot make it line up for our group.” We of course bend over backwards all the time trying to make this happen and it’s often a lot of work. The earlier we know these things the easier it is for us to make it happen and it takes the top online casino sites registration rush out of the equation for those willing to participate in the program.

This program is aimed at complete groups (6 players) looking for specific games, at specific times, and perhaps even with a specific DM. This is not for single players trying to make the perfect schedule (that makes my head hurt). For our initial beta of the program we are going to limit it to a handful of groups to work out the kinks and make sure we are offering what you want, that it is scalable and repeatable, and that the program has value.