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Gen Con Online 2020 DM Registration is Live

So are you planning on attending Gen Con this summer to enjoy the  ‘The Best Four Days in Gaming’? Did the shutdown of the physical show really bum you out?  Well we are alive!!!!  We are looking to run as many, if not more tables of games online then we would have done in person. Bigger, better, and 21% more fun is the goal.

Why should you help out? Well besides playing D&D is awesome, becoming part of our Herald’s Guild DM community (greatest bunch of evil dice rollers anywhere), and just having a blast in general? How about  it benefits charity? Part of our ticket price will be going to the Gen Con Charity. On top of that Baldman Games is donating another chunk to Black Lives Matter charities (we are still working out which ones but NAACP is high on the list). My goal is to see if we can power past $15,000 at the show beyond what Gen Con is doing already. On top of on top of that – we will also be partnering with Jasper’s Gameday to work on re-rolls and such things to see if we can raise another $5-10K on top of that. That is potentially $30-40K going to some awesome causes all while rolling some dice and having fun. 

Interested?  Click the link – fill out the form – we will be in touch quickly – and let the fun times begin!!!!