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The History of Phlan

Sorry it’s been so long since you’ve heard from us but if you’ve been following Baldman Games on Twitter then you’ve seen the #phlanhistory posts. Here’s the history compiled without our bit of commentary. I do have a conclusion about Phlan though, it’s a terrible place to live, much akin to New York City in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To all those poor souls living there and defending that city, I’m so sorry. Please do yourself a favor and move to Waterdeep.

An Abriged History of Phlan

367 – Established as a trading post between Myth Drannor and the Dwarves of the Dragonspine Mountains

400 – Phlan leveled by horde of humanoids

712 – Milsor the Valjevo rebuilds Phlan and has Valjevo castle built.

1303 – Ogres overrun Phlan

1306 – Phlan is once again reduced to ruins during the Dragon Run.

1340 to 1347 – Phlan is controlled by Tyranthraxus, a yugoloth controlling a bronze dragon.

1347 – Adventurers take back Phlan from Tyranhraxus (Pool of Radiance)

1357a – Phlan is teleported to a cavern under a red wizards tower to use as a soul battery.

1357b – Phlan is returned to it’s place in the Moonsea.

1375 – Phlan is conquered by Zentil Keep under the leadership of Cvaal Daoran.

1383 – Daoran saves Phlan from the Shadovar and splits Phlan from Zhentarim control.

1488 – Vorgansharax and the cult of the dragon take over Phlan.

1489 – A huge force of Adventurers retake Phlan from Vorgansharax.

I know we’re missing a few things from this time line and I’d love your help in filling in the gaps. Leave a comment below about where we’re missing things and we’ll fill them in as we go.